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Past Scholars and Fellows


R25 TEAM-Science Scholars


James Garcia, BS, (2012-2014) researched the role of the hypothalamus in precocious puberty in female rhesus monkeys.


Porsha Howell, BS, (2012-2014) studied the impact of caloric restriction and aging on white adipose tissue metabolism and structure.


Patrice Leverett, MS, (2012-2014)  focused on increasing minority representation and retention in the STEMM fields through enhancing the mentor/mentee relationship and decreasing the impacts of stereotype threat.


Tolu Oyensanya, MS, (2012-2014) researched rehabilitation outcomes and quality of life for persons who have had a traumatic brain injury.


Erika Starks, BS, (2012-2014) studied the function and anatomical brain alterations that accompany corrective electrical tongue stimulation in patients with balance disorders.


Yacob Tedla, MS, MSc, (2012-2014) researched the association between pulse wave velocity and hypertension, and the independent risk of arterial stiffness on different cardiovascular events and examining the sensitivity and specificity of different drug-adherence-measures, and the effect of drug-adverse-effects and drug-complexity on medication compliance among patients taking anti-hypertensive drugs.


Rosalina Villalon Landeros, BS, (2012-2014) focused on the effects of estrogen on uterine artery endothelial cell mitogenesis and tube formation.


Bryan Ampey, MS, (2011-2013) studied shear stress regulation of endothelial cell  gap junctions and the role of Cx43 in endothelial cell function.


Fatou Jallow, BS, (2011-2013) focused on how cancer cells acquire resistance by lookingat the close linkage between prolactin and the pathogenesis and therapeutic responsiveness of ERalpha+ breast cancer.


Dennis Paiz-Ramirez, MA, (2011-2013) researched what commercial videogames do well and tried to find out why they do well.


Belinda Gutierrez, MEd, (2010-2012) studied unconscious bias and how it may prevent women and underrepresented minorities from rising within the ranks of academic departments within STEMM.


Patric Hernandez, PhD, (2010-2012) focused on comparing the white and grey matter brain volume differences between patients diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) and healthy controls.


Anna Kaatz, PhD, (2010-2012) studied linguistic differences in grant reviews for male and female RO1 award applicants to the National Institutes of Health (NIH).


Jasmin Kristianto, BS, (2010-2012) researched the pleiotropy effect on bone and vascular phenotype in recombinant congenic mice.


Wairimu Magua, MS, (2010-2012) studied predictors of re-hospitalization of patients who developed nosocomial infections during index admission.


Ricardo Pizarro, MS, (2010-2012) focused on implementing an EEG-fMRI simultaneous acquisition for epileptic and stroke patients and finding novel ways to analyze the data acquired using multivariate approaches.


Bonnie Paris, MS, (2010-2011) studied the role of communication in medication safety in adult intensive care units.


Patrick Brown, BS, (2009-2011) researched mesenchymal stem cell (MSC) differentiation into orthopedic tissues.


Maigenete (Maggie) Mengesha, MS, (2009-2011) focused on mental health approaches for refugee and trauma exposed populations.


Mayra Pastore, BS, (2009-2011) studied the impact of estrogen on protein interactions with uterine arterial endothelial cells.


Olubukola (Bukky) Akinsiku, BS, (2008-2010) focused on the role of mathematics in success of minorities and women in engineering.


Doriane Besson, PhD, (2008-2010) researched effective treatment in psychotherapy for racial and ethnic minorities.


Athena Dunomes, BS, (2008-2010) studied image guided adaptive brachytherapy for gynecological cancers.


Sheikh Omar Jobe, BS, (2008-2010) focused on estrogen metabolism, pregnancy, and the pathophysiology of preeclampsia.


Ernise Williams, RN, (2008-2010) researched the socioeconomic inequalities and disparities in disease- related mortality among African Americans.


Jessica Crain, PhD, (2008-2009) focused on contributions of sex to purinergic receptor regulation in microglia.


Marjorie Curet, MS, (2008-2009) studied nucleotide modulation of microglia in breast to brain metastasis.


VA Women's Health Fellows


Belinda Gutierrez, PhD, (2013-2015) researched implicit social cognition and the use of video games as tools for promoting attitude and behavior change.


Meghan Brennan, MD, (2011-2014) focused on HIV screening as well as outbreak investigation.


Andrew Katz, PhD, (2012-2013) studied Multicultural Counseling Competence (MCC) theory and healthcare provider factors that lead to outcome disparities among minorities, women, and other stigmatized groups.


Christine Kolehmainen, MD, (2011-2013) focused on how doctors-in-training experience leadership in the setting of medical emergencies.


Noor Husain, MD, (2010-2012) researched reasons of CPAP compliance and non-compliance in the VA patient population.


Jeniel Nett, MD, PhD, (2010-2011) studied infectious disease, particularly drug resistance and immune response to Candida ablicans.


Allison Bearden, MD, MPH, (2009-2010) researched the use of probiotic agents in decolonization of patients with emerging organisms.


Erica Roberson, MD, (2008-2010) focused on the effects of bariatric surgery on urinary and fecal incontinence.


Aubrey Smith, MD, (2008-2010) studied the differences in energy requirements in obese and lean women with and without Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS).


Nasia Safdar, MD, (2005-2009) researched the use of a probiotic preparation in hospitalized patients as a new means of preventing infection by drug resistant bacterial.


Ahmed Al-Niaimi, MD, (2007-2008) focused on research in ovarian cancer. Heather Certain, MD, (06-08) studied interactions of alcohol and the ethical issues this presented.


CWHR Postdocs

Anna Kaatz, PhD, MPH, (2012-2013) focused on understanding reasons why women physicians and scientists are more likely than men to leave biomedical research careers.

Aging T32 Scholars


Carol Isaac, PhD, (2007-2010) focused on women¿s leadership in the biomedical sciences.


Allison Bearden, MD, MPH, (2008-2009) researched the use of probiotic agents in decolonization of patients with emerging organisms.


Curt Irwin, PhD, (2007-2009) focused on upper extremity strength, biomechanical variations, and motor control changes that occur as people age.


Maria Nikodemova, PhD, (2007-2009) studied the pathology of Alzheimer¿s disease.


Carolina Schlenker MD, MPH, (2007-2008) investigated how to improve healthcare systems¿ participation in translational research, especially in Mexico and Latin American countries.


Sayyida Abdus-Salaam (Martin), MD, MPH, (2005-2008) studied predictors of cutaneous manifestations of HIV-1/AIDS infection in blacks, disease progression, and response to therapy, as well as the establishment of protocols for routine HIV screenings.


Pamela Summers, MD, MBA, (2006-2007) focused on dermatological problems and Alzheimers disease.


Sabina Agrawal, DO, (2005-2006) researched vitamin D insufficiency and osteoporosis in nursing homes.


Heather Johnson, MD, (2004-2006) studied health disparities in cardiac risk factors in older women.


Francesca Couto, MD, (2004-2006) focused on molecular biology and research in diabetes


Jacqueline Wiltshire, PhD, MPH, (2004-2006) explored trust in physicians among older African American women.


Earlise Ward, PhD, (2003-2005) investigated improving mental health outcomes in the African American community.


Lisa Arendt, PhD, DVM, (2002-2005) studied interactions of aging and prolactin biology in mammary tissue in an ER-pos transgenic model.


Cristin Bruns, MD, (2002-2005) investigated metabolic measures with age and in male siblings of rhesus monkeys with polycystic ovarian syndrome.


Barbara Loevinger, MD, (2002-2005) studied psychoneuroendocrinology and emotional dysregulation


Leah Whigham, PhD, (2000-2002) focused on biological mechanisms and clinical treatments of obesity, sex, and age factors.


Judith Houck, PhD, (2000-2002) investigated the history of menopause in the U.S.


Jessica Bartell, MD, PhD, (2000-2003) studied the impact of access to insurance on health outcomes in older women.


Terri Gomez, PhD, (2000-2002) focused on the role of a high fat diet in obesity and oxygen consumption.


Kimberly Price, PhD, (1999-2000) studied the effect of birth weight on glucoregulation with age in rhesus monkeys.


Jennifer Brockman, PhD, (1999-2000) focused on research in prolactin biology and breast cancer.